Congratulations to our rhythmic team of athletes who attended the 2019 Western Championships this week in Burnaby!

Top 3 Results:

Tara Czemeres – National Senior: 3rd place in Ribbon

Jana Alemam – National Novice: 1st place in Free, 1st place in Ball, 3d Place All Around

Karlee Czemeres – National Novice: 3rd place in Rope

Katherine Liu – 5C: 1st place in Hoop, 1st place in Club, 1st place in Choice, 1st place All Around

Rosanna Toth – 5C: 3rd place in Hoop, 3rd place in Club, 2nd place in Choice, 2nd place All Around

Mikayla Doerksen – 5B: 2nd place in Ball

Teresa Meng – 3C: 3rd place in Free, 3rd place in Rope, 1st place in Choice, 1st Place All Around

Jessica Malin – 3C: 1st place in Free, 1st place in Rope, 2nd Place All Around

Kaileah Ulmer – 3C: 2nd place in Choice

Osariemen-Anna Omorogbe – 3B – 1st place in Free

National Novice Group of 5: 1st place All Around

Provincial levels 5B, 5C, 6B

Provincial levels 3B, 4B

National and 3C athletes

Provincial coaches Angelina and Adeena

National stream coaches Danielle and Tessa

Our dedicated National/3C manager Yulia!


Amazing managers Hillary and Tania

Our judges!