Clubs and Members, please see below (and attached) a message from our Board Chair, Dale Reed.

To:         Our Gymnastics Saskatchewan Community

From:    Dale Reed, Gym Sask Board of Directors – Chair

CC:         Gym Sask Board of Directors, Gym Sask Staff

Re:        Phase 4 Re-Opening of Gymnastics in Saskatchewan

I want to first thank each of our gymnastics clubs, coaches, athletes, parents and stakeholders for your support and patience throughout the past few months our society has been through, in dealing with the Covid 19 that has unleashed itself within our world. It has not been an easy time for many, and we are hoping that each of our members and stakeholders are weathering the time. I also want to acknowledge the communications and actions of our staff and clubs as each try to support the other and their individual communities in working through the challenges this time has presented. Gym Sask, through its Board of Directors and staff, has shown resourcefulness in providing support in many ways with our clubs and will look to continue such support as we move into an eventual reopening of our clubs.

On behalf of Gym Sask, this memo is to deliver a public statement that we are following the Saskatchewan government’s phases being rolled out over the next few weeks. As a result, gymnastics in our province will not be ready to reopen until the Saskatchewan government’s Phase 4 is approved for action.  It is a challenging time trying to provide the communication, supports, and direction when there are so many unknowns currently. Our staff has submitted a request for an early opening of gymnastics in our province. Through the weekly communications occurring with Sask Sport, our umbrella organization and overseer, the recommendation received is that Gym Sask wait, be patient, and prepare for the time the Phase 4 requirements are rolled out. As of this past week, Gym Sask still has no information from the government on Phase 4 requirements.

Our Gymnastics Saskatchewan staff continues to work on the creation of its “Return to Play” protocols which are in their draft form and thus are not yet finalized. Our staff continues to work with Sask Sport, in developing the appropriate protocols. We want to ensure a successful return to a safe environment for our clubs, coaches, and athletes. To accomplish this, we want to provide the appropriate and important protocols to ensure this safe return. The last thing wanted is to have one of our clubs have a serious situation develop with a Covid 19 outbreak. To ensure this does not occur, communication with Sask Sport and our provincial government’s health department are constant to provide Gym Sask information to create a “Return to Play” set of protocols that will be effective and efficient in creating an appropriate and safe environment in our clubs. In short, Gymnastics Saskatchewan is working to create the best possible actions that follow the advice and protocols of Sask Sport and the government.

I know this may not be what some clubs are wanting, as there may be interest in an early opening and return. With what Gym Sask has been advised, this is not a reasonable and appropriate path to go down. Let us ensure the best environment to return to by following the advice and direction of our partners and overseers.

Let’s continue to focus on being safe and healthy as we move towards an appropriate and strong re-opening that follows an approved set of protocols our Gymnastics Saskatchewan team is working to create, communicate and roll out at the appropriate, approved timeframe.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our CEO/Executive Director, Klara Miller, as she, and her staff, will continue to serve our gymnastics communities to the best of intent and action.

Stay well, safe, and focused on our gymnastics eventual return. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this different time.

Yours in gymnastics,

Dale Reed

Dale Reed

Chair – Gym Sask Board of Directors

Message from the Board Chair – June 1 2020