What is Acrobatic Gymnastics?

Acrobatic gymnastics or “acro” is an artistic sport that combines choreography, individual gymnastic elements and human pyramids. It involves partners balancing upon each other, dynamic throws and catches, individual and choreographic elements. Routines are set to music.

Acrobatic gymnastics features three types of routines:  Balance, Dynamic and Combined.  All are composed of the same parts:  group elements, individual elements, choreographic elements.

  • Balance routines demonstrate strength, flexibility and agility.  Partners stay in constant contact.  Elements may be static holds, mounts or motions that end with a static hold.
  • Dynamic routines demonstrate flight and include a variety of directions, rotation, twists, body shapes and landings.  Contact between partners is brief and assists or interrupts flight.
  • Combined routines contain both balance and dynamic elements.

Acrobatic Gymnastics is made up of 5 event categories:

  • Women’s Pair
  • Men’s Pair
  • Mixed Pair
  • Women’s Group
  • Men’s Group