Junior Olympic Program
Gymnastics Saskatchewan has adopted the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic (JO) Program to provide direction and foster competition for boys and young men, aged 8 years old and olders, of various levels and ability and commitment. The JO program, in Saskatchewan, consists of 4 compulsory levels (JO 4-7 only) and will be replacing the old Gymnastics Canada (GCG) Provincial 1, 2, and 3 levels from previous years. We will use this program as a guide to provide programming for male gymnasts in Saskatchewan and prepare them for the GCG Provincial Level 4 and higher. JO Level 4 and higher gymnasts will be allowed to compete and try to qualify for PRovincial Championships annually. The program can be purchased by filling out a Market Place Order Form

Provincial Pathway Program
The Provincial Pathway has been developed to provide a competitive stream for athletes of all levels, but who may not be striving toward the Elite level. Some athletes may start along this pathway and move laterally into the elite Pathway at a later stage in their development. 

Gym Can Provincial 1 & 2 Program Manual – Oct 2022

Gym Can Provincial 3, 4, 5 & National Open Program Manual – June 2022

GCG Program Page

Elite Pathway Program
The program has been prepared with the goal of developing a higher level of elite performance for Canada. The revised Elite Pathways develop the young talented gymnasts’ technique and routine structure to define a Canadian style and prepare these athletes for international excellence. 

Gym Can Elite Pathways Program – Oct 2022

GCG Program Page

Sask First Program

MAG Sask First Pathways Program 2022-2023

Canada Winter Games Program

2023 Canada Winter Games Selection Document