Gymnastics Saskatchewan endorses, adopts, and supports our national safe sport policies and programs. In collaboration with all the provincial federations, we embrace our responsibility to create, foster, and preserve sport settings that ensure positive, healthy, and fulfilling experiences for all individuals. We believe that a Safe Sport environment prioritizes the welfare, safety, and rights of every participant at all times.

To cultivate this environment, Gymnastics Canada has developed a Safe Sport Framework, which serves as an overarching guide for our vision of and commitment to Safe Sport and the corresponding policy, education, and advocacy initiatives that strive to further strengthen the administration and delivery of our programs, events, and services. With this framework, Gymnastics Canada will collaborate with our community to ensure a respectful and welcoming environment where all participants may find joy in their pursuits of excellence.

Click HERE for more information regarding the Safe Sport overview.

For information on how to report suspicions of child maltreatment or misconduct, please contact our CEO at 306-780-9229 or click here: REPORTING