Gymnastics Saskatchewan is now accepting applications for choreographer for the creation of 2020-2021 Mass Routine!  This year’s Mass Routine will be for the Specialization stage and we are requesting that this year’s routine is choreographed with physical distancing between the participants and no apparatus sharing. We would also like the routine to be choreographed so it could be used by clubs as a warm-up or cool down for their training session.  The apparatus will need to be something the participants can easily clean and bring from home, or something that is easy to purchase and bring to the gym with them.

We are excited to see the creativity that could arise in the development of this Mass Routine and hope that clubs from all disciplines can use this routine as a fun way to get their athletes moving, warmed up for practice, and enhance their ability to follow choreography.

Interested individuals should fill out the Gym Sask Mass Routine Application 2020-2021