DATE:              NOVEMBER 5, 2021


 Gymnastics Saskatchewan would like to start by saying we support the Saskatchewan Games Council and the Host Committee’s decision to implement a mandatory vaccine policy for the 2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games. However, this decision has made it difficult for Gym Sask and our members to find an alternative way to have a meaningful competition at the 2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games. The birth years for our gymnasts are set out as 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. These ages were selected more than 2 years ago as they best align with our LTAD and provide the most representation possible from the sports districts.

Gym Sask has gathered intent to participate forms from all our clubs, parents and athletes who intended to participate in the 2022 Sask Winter Game, to investigate the feasibility of their continued interest and availability of athletes. We have reviewed and analyzed our current athlete numbers and have come up with the following decisions.

Gym Sask does not have enough athlete numbers in Men’s Artistic, Trampoline or Rhythmic to host a meaningful and competitive competition. Therefore, Gym Sask will be withdrawing our participation in the 2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games in the disciplines of Men’s Artistic (MAG), Trampoline Gymnastics (TG) and Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG).

 Gym Sask will continue to host a Women’s Artistic (WAG) competition for the 2022 Saskatchewan Winter Games with a new technical package which is attached. The WAG level will be Xcel Gold but will now include all four events (vault, bars, beam and floor). Birth years for the women’s artistic competition will be the original birth years of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. Team sizes will now be 5 athletes, and 2 coaches per district.

Gym Sask acknowledges that in order to run this event we need a vaccine to be available for children ages 11 and under. With that being, said athletes who are named to the team must have their first shot no later than January 5, 2022 and their second shot by February 3, 2022 in order to be fully vaccinated for the Games.

Gym Sask will host a virtual trials to Saskatchewan Games from November 27 – December 4, 2021 (more information to follow). Judging will occur December 5th – 11th, with the goal of a team being named the week of December 13th (pending judging). Gym Sask will name 16 alternates in total. An alternate will not travel to the Games unless they are upgraded to a District team member.

If on January 5th there is still no vaccine available for children ages 11 years and under or if all athletes selected to district teams do not get vaccinated as required, then Gym Sask will, unfortunately, need to withdraw from the Games at that time.

Technical package, coach/manager and officials application forms can be found HERE