The moment you’ve all been waiting for, we have the results from Trampoline & Tumbling Canadian Championships that were held last week in Calgary, Alberta!

Hannah Metheral, Gym Adventure – 1st SR DMT

Ashley Anaka, Can Am – 1st L7 TRA and 5th SR DMT

Wilson Reimche, Can Am – 1st L5 14U DMT & 5th L5 14U TRA

Connor Wehage, Can Am – 5th L6 15-16 DMT

Halle Pipko, Gym Adventure – 1st L6 15-16 DMT & 10th L5 15-16 TRA

Lina Reschke, Gym Adventure – 5th L5 17+ DMT &  7th L5 17+ TUM

Megan Tosh, Can Am – 2nd L6 15-16 DMT

Emily Pepper, Gym Adventure – 10th L7 DMT

Katie Berg, Can Am – 1st L5 17+ DMT & 2nd L7 TUM

Jami Reschke, Gym Adventure – 1st L6 15-16 TRA & 2nd L5 15-16 DMT

Anike Steenkamp, Gym Adventure – 2nd L5 17+ DMT

 Team Finals

Women – 2nd TRA and DMT

Men – 3rd TRA

Congratulations to all our athletes and coaches!