Gymnastics Saskatchewan is proud to announce our confirmed delegation for Artistic and Trampoline Gymnastics attending the upcoming 2023 Canada Winter Games in PEI. From February 18 to March 5, the Canada Winter Games will bring together more than 3,6000 participants to celebrate the very best in Canadian Sport. Gymnastics competition is scheduled from Feb 18-24 at the Norton Diamond Soccer Complex and Eastlink Centre.

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (Coached by Markos Baikas, Team Manager Nicholas Hallgrimson)

Jordan Carroll

Brody Benson

Tristan Marquis

Isen Young

Lucas Boutin

Nicholas Boutin

Trampoline Gymnastics (Coached by Danielle Roy and Colton Kent)

Wilson Reimche

Connor Wehage

Jami Reschke

Halle Pipko

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (Coached by Chris Baraniuk and Leigh Stoddart) 

Danica Signarowski

Rylee Miller

Hannah Mokuruk

Avery Tillmanns

Marie Millette

Arabella MacDougall