It is so good to see our gymnastics clubs, including our athletes, staff, and gymnastics communities once again engaged in our sport we love. Having active in-person participation, training, learning and competition, once again, makes a huge difference in our lives as athletes, coaches, parents, volunteers, and stakeholders. It was wonderful seeing the competitions once again taking place and to see our gymnastic community members gather for competition.

Thank you to each of you for your tenacity, faith, and commitment through these challenging times and in keeping and getting our wonderful sport through this period of Covid. It was a tough time for many but with the support of everyone in our clubs and in our organization, gymnastics is once again alive and well. Thank you for your endurance and your work to get though this challenging period.

A special thank you to our Gym Sask staff for their management of the last two years, in supporting each of our gymnastics communities with their advice, their planning, their activities foci, in the virtual competitions and in providing a vast array of supports, both through communication and in financial grants in benefitting our athletes and clubs. Your dedication to our provincial members is so appreciated and helped many to weather this tough time and ensure gymnastics continues to be a strength within our province, among other provincial sport organizations and other gymnastic organizations across this country. Your help has not gone unnoticed! THANK YOU!

I wish each of you involved in our magnificent sport continued success in growing your participation, in getting back to some form of normal in our clubs, training, competitions, and organization, and in supporting each other to continue to endure and prosper. May the upcoming season be one of prosperity and success.

Wishing each the best in our sport and in the upcoming season!

Dale Reed

GymSask Board of Directors Chairperson