What is CANGYM?

CANGYM is Canada’s National Skill Development and is the officially recognized recreational program of Saskatchewan gymnastics clubs.

The program was created by coaches, to be used in recreational gymnastics programs for participants 6 years old and older. CANGYM has two objectives:

  • To provide a badge-based, skill development program for Canadian gymnastics clubs.
  • To provide resource material that complements the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Gymnastics curriculum.

How does CANGYM work?

The program is user friendly and includes a wide variety of resources for clubs and coaches. There are twelve different colored badges in CANGYM. Each badge consists of approximately 20 skills. Program skills have been selected to ensure a clear progression form one badge to the next, leading to the target skills that are contained in the Gold Level badges. These key skills match the skills that are covered in the NCCP Level 2 and 3 Technical Gymnastics courses. They can be considered as “building blocks” for more advanced gymnastics, but can stand alone as excellent recreational level skills. All CANGYM program skills are compulsory. From Badge 1 to 4 (Burgundy to Bronze), boys and girls must master all the same skills; starting at Badge 5 (Purple) separate boy’s and girl’s skills (as defined by the apparatus) are identified.

CANGYM Description & Recommendations

Manuals & Supplies

CANGYM Manual – $100.00 (plus shipping)
Badges – $1.50 each
Badge holders – $1.00 each

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