Each year Gymnastics Saskatchewan recognizes Recreational and Competitive Coaches who have had a great impact
in the lives of our athletes and in the development of our sport.

Coach Competitive Awards

2012 Jamie Olmstead (Gymnastics Adventure)
2011 Mike Amouri (Prince Albert Aerials)
2010 Jamie Olmstead (Gymnastics Adventure)
2009 Julie Levasseur (Wascana Rhythmic)
2008 Wesley Chirima (QCK Gym)
2007 Sasha Sirenko (Gymnastics Adventure)
2006 Markos Baikas (Taiso Gym)
2005 Alynn Brischuk (Can-Am Gym)
2004 Markos Baikas (Taiso Gym)
2003 Fern Dyer (Rosetown Gym)
2002 Kyla Lenzen (T&T Adventure)
Todd Sader (QCK Gym)
Marcel Dubroy (QCK Gym)
2001 Kirsten Urness (T&T Adventure)
Todd Sader (QCK Gym)
Chris Baraniuk (Marian Gym)
2000 Brett Overton (Flipside Gym)
Frank Dunn (Prince Albert)
Dana Brass (Marian Gym)

General Gymnastics Coach Awards

2012 Debbie Buchan (Marian Gym)
2011 Amy Heubert (Lloydminster Explosion)
2010 Kendra Leier (Team Sask Gymnaestrada)
Julie Levasseur
Michelle Kocur-Rachey
2009 Kenn Robb (Gymnastics Adventure)
2008 Kara Thorpe (Prince Albert Aerials)
2007 Kendra Leier (Regina Rhythmics)
2006 Kara Thorpe (Gymnastics Adventure)
2005 Heiki Miller (Paradise Hill Gym)
2004 Amanda Biro (Tisdale Twisters)
2003 Don Brecht (Marian Gym)
2002 Siiri Miller (Paradise Hill Gym)
2001 Barb Giesecki (Regina)
2000 Dani Taillon (Prince Alber