MEMO TO:          Clubs & Coaches

 FROM:  Gym Sask – Kristi Mandzuk, Technical Director

 DATE:                    January 14, 2021

 RE:                          IMPORTANT RETURN TO PLAY PROTOCOLS

                                GOVERNMENT OF SASK UPDATES AND INFORMATION

Further to the Government of Saskatchewan’s announcement January 12th, and a Sask Sport & Provincial Sport Governing Bodies Zoom meeting held with the head of the Business Response Team yesterday, please see below for some important updates and information. As of yesterday, the province of Saskatchewan had the highest per capita Covid-19 case count in Canada, with Alberta next in numbers. We must all be cognizant and aware of keeping our Gym Sask members/Sask residents safe by following public health directives and protocols.

The current public health orders and all restrictions have been extended for two more weeks and will now be re-evaluated by Sask Health on January 29, 2021.

 All sports governing bodies in Sask have been informed by the BRT to expect NO lifting of restrictions for sport until the end of March, and that sport may have additional restrictions/closures between now and March depending on Covid-19 case numbers.

Virtual Competitions

  • Virtual competitions have now been added to the government’s Saskatchewan Re-open Plan Page 87 with the following restrictions.
  • Athletes participating in a video-taping session for a virtual judging/competition event must be scheduled to arrive, participate, be video-taped, and depart ONE AT A TIME.
  • NO other athletes or training groups may be in the gym during filming of an individual routine or any kind of virtual competition routine.
  • Athletes, coaches, film staff must wear masks at all times.
  • A distance of three metres must be maintained between the athlete and coach and film staff.
  • No spectators are permitted.

 Virtual Out of Province Competitions & Gym Canada Events

  • Provided the above rules for video-taping are followed, (one athlete in the gym at a time) athletes/coaches may send in video entries to Gymnastics Canada & other out of province competitions.
  • Clubs must complete a Gym Sask sanction form for these events, and submit to Gym Sask. The sanction request must be approved by Gym Sask before you can send in your videos to these competitions.

Virtual In-Province Invitational Competitions

  • With the above mandatory restrictions, it will be very difficult for clubs to run their invitationals for interclub, provincial and national stream athletes.
  • Some of our disciplines with few competitors may be able to accommodate the restrictions – if you have ideas or wish to discuss, please contact Kristi for prior approval.

Athletes 19 & Older

  • Though not in the government’s RTP documents, Gym Sask made special request and have received written permission for athletes 19 years and older to train and condition with their coach. However, there can be no other athletes (any age) allowed in the facility at the same time.
  • As per Gym Sask/Gym Canada safe sport protocols the Rule of Two must be adhered too and there must be another adult in the facility as well.

Mandatory Masks FAQ

  • Please see attached a masking FAQ document from Saskatchewan Heath, please refer to this if you have any questions regarding who has to wear a mask. We have been receiving many questions regarding this, so please review at your earlier convenience.

All of the above restrictions and protocols come to Gym Sask from the government/Sask Health – and Gym Sask and our clubs must adhere to them.

In closing, please know that Gym Sask staff is in almost daily communication with our BRT advisor who is familiar with our sport. If you as a club, coach, athlete, official or club Board member have a question about restrictions, protocols, and how to best follow them, please allow Gym Sask to ask those questions of our provincial advisor for you. That way we will have a province-wide and official response to share with everyone.

Take care and stay safe everyone.

 Please email Kristi kmandzuk@gymsask.com or Klara kmiller@gymsask.com if you have any questions.


PDF Version of the announcement can be found hereJan 14 Covid Memo to Clubs