Gymnastics Saskatchewan is pleased to announce the selection of Julie Levasseur & Kara Thorpe as Team Sask Gymnaestrada Coaches for the upcoming cycle.

Julie and Kara have numerous years of Gymnaestrada experience at the provincial, national and international level.  Their experience includes being the TSG coaches for the previous cycle who took our team to perform in the FIG Gala at World Gymnaestrada 2019.  We are delighted that they will be returning this cycle to develop another team and provide mentorship to aspiring Gymnaestrada coaches.

Team Saskatchewan Gymnaestrada is a Gymnastics for All program that encompasses all disciplines to promote opportunities for life-long participation in gymnastics. If your club has athletes who are interested in participating in Gymnaestrada please check out the Virtual Provincial Gymnaestrada event coming up June 5 & 6.  We will have a TSG information session paired with the virtual event.

Please help us congratulate Julie & Kara on their position!