Active Start Gymnastics (under 6 years old)

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Active Start Newsletter Nov 2015
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Let’s Play Music
Storytime Standouts
Happy Gymnastics (also for 6 yrs +)
3 Grip Strength Ideas for Preschoolers – Happy Gymnastics

The Developmental Pillars Every Coach Needs to Know – Happy Gymnastics

Artistic Recreational Gymnastics (6 years old & older)

Gymnastics Gymtools (also for under 6 yrs)
Fitness Games & Activities videos by Rick McCharles
Activity Ideas from FlagHouse

Recreational Trampoline (6 years old & older)

The CANJUMP Program can be ordered through Alberta Gymnastics Federation.

Recreational Rhythmic (6 years old & older)

Sask Rhythm:  The Rhythmic Gymnastics Levels Program

More Websites & Blogs

Rick McCharles – Rec Gymnastics ; Gymnastics Coaching
Tony Retrosi – Gym Momentum

Coach Technical Manual

Gym Sask Coach Technical Manual 2020-2021

Pre-CIT Program

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