MAP Grants

Gymnastics Saskatchewan Membership Assistance Program (MAP) Grants are made available to member clubs in good standing through a grant from Sask Sport and the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund. The Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund provides MAP grants to sport, culture and recreation groups in the province from revenues derived from the sales of lottery tickets in the province.

The purpose of MAP grants is to provide direct financial assistance to our member clubs so that they may operate programs which will promote membership in their clubs and Gymnastics Saskatchewan, encourage participation in gymnastics, and provide training and upgrading opportunities for coaches, judges, athletes. MAP funds are to be used to support community and club-level sport development.

Gymnasts First Grant

This grant program is designed to assist competitive athletes (provincial stream, pre-novice and national stream) who require financial assistance to meet their club training and competition travel costs.

2023-2024 Gymnasts First Grant Application

Target Group Grant

Each year Gymnastics Saskatchewan/Saskatchewan Lotteries provides funding for Organizations who work with under-represented populations to help them take their participants to gymnastics programming in their area. This year we will again be offering our Target Group Grant with two application deadlines.

Target Group Grant Package 2023-2024


Next Generation Indigenous Athlete Assistance Grant

To provide financial assistance to Indigenous athletes to excel in sport at the elite level. Elite includes being named to a provincial team, competing at a national level, or other competitive levels as determined by the committee.

Link to the grant guildelines and application can be found HERE

Adaptive Sport Equipment and Club Development Grant

At the June 2011 Sask Sport AGM, the new Adaptive Sport Equipment and Club Development Grants were announced. These programs were created to provide financial assistance for the purchase of adapted sport equipment and support adaptive sport club development so more athletes or participants living with a disability can participate in organized sport programs in Saskatchewan.

Applications for this grant must be in partnership with and be submitted through Gym Sask. If your club in interested in this grant program, please contact Gymnastics Saskatchewan by October 1st.

General program descriptions, guidelines, application forms and follow-ups forms can be found at SaskSport.

Odyssey Fund

Consider the impact that gymnastics has had on your life. Qualities such as self-discipline, respect and dedication are just a few of the lessons that we learned from gymnastics. These values have significantly influenced our personal and professional lives. By contributing to The Odyssey Fund, your donation will help ensure that others can share some of the wonderful experiences of being involved in the sport of gymnastics.

Odyssey Fund Brochure