Gymnastics for All, or General Gymnastics, is the non-competitive branch of gymnastics also known as performance and recreational gymnastics. It is the lifeblood of the gymnastics community with over 90 percent of our membership is involved in gymnastic programs at the recreational/performance level.

The dynamic nature of the sport of gymnastics appeals to children and adults alike, and motivates them to participate in preschool, CANGYM ™ youth recreation, adult recreation, and performance group programs. Having fun, developing fitness, and acquiring fundamental skills are the goals of all of these programs.

Gymnastics is a sport for everyone, young and old. It provides an opportunity to challenge oneself physically, and explore various forms of movement in a fun and creative activity. Gymnastics is one of the best activities for contributing to the overall development of a child. For children and adults of all abilities, gymnastics provides the foundation for participation and success in all other athletic activities.

Gymnastics is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and by Sport Canada as a foundation sport because it plays a crucial part in the development of fundamental movement patterns and sport skills. Early participation enables children to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle for a lifetime. Some of these children will go on to become Olympic champions and mentors inspiring young Canadians to participate in sport. All of them will be equipped with physical, mental, social and emotional abilities gained through the sport of gymnastics.

Gymnastics Canada, Gymnastics Saskatchewan and clubs across our province work together to fund and deliver gymnastics programs appropriate for each stage of athlete development.

Gymnastics for all Programs