Gymnastics Saskatchewan is now accepting applications for Choreographer for the creation of a new Mass Routine Choreography. Coaches interested are invited to submit their application including the information requested in the attached form along with any information that they see useful. The selection committee will be comprised of the Gym for All Committee (GFA) with input by the GFA Chairperson (who is not in a conflict of interest with the applicants)

The Mass Routine for 2019-2020 will be choreographed to serve the Fundamentals stage of athletes: In this stage, participants continue to develop and master the fundamental movement patterns in multi-gymnastics (i.e. all gym disciplines) environment. The gymnast will master fundamental movement skills before sport-specific skills are introduced. The Fundamental Movement Patterns gain quality, definition and refinement as the basis for building gym-specific skills. Basic skills should be introduced. This fundamental stage is the second out of four mass routines levels in Saskatchewan (Active Start-Fundamentals-Specialization – Gym for Life).

The application deadline for choreographers is July 22nd, 2019. A selection will be announced by August 1st.

The choreographer will be teaching the new mass routine to coaches at the Mass Routine workshop on October 6th, 2019 at Ritmo Gymnastics in Saskatoon.

Application here!.