FROM:                  KRISTI MANDZUK

 DATE:                    JUNE 22, 2020

 RE:                         2020-2021 CALENDAR OF EVENTS AND SANCTION REQUESTS

 During these uncertain times, we do not have confirmation from Saskatchewan Health or the Government of Saskatchewan when we can begin competition and event hosting, due to facility availability, physical distancing and group gathering restrictions. We also do not have confirmation from other provinces or Gymnastics Canada as to their ability to host and sanction major events in the coming year, for the same reasons.

Nonetheless, Gym Sask is going ahead with plans to develop a draft calendar of events for the upcoming year. Please note that the calendar of events is a working document, and subject to change if there are revisions to western and national event dates or other restrictions. The calendar of events may need to change based on developments regarding COVID-19 and any public health orders from the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Government of Saskatchewan.

Please find below a draft sanction worksheet with a calendar of events for 2020-2021, and a sanction request form.

Gym Sask requires hosts for invitationals and trials and selection events as listed on the calendar. Please consider planning to host one or more events.

We will be accepting sanction requests for the above events and for club invitational competitions and activities as of today . If you are interested in hosting an event, please return the sanction form and payment at your earliest convenience BY EMAIL to kmandzuk@gymsask.com. Invitational events will be awarded based on suitability of dates, locations and competitive levels as they fit into the provincial, western and national event calendars.

Clubs who applied for a sanction last year and did not get to host their meet due to COVID-19 will still need to submit a sanction however the $75 fee will be waived.

Please be reminded that our insurance company requires that ANY event being held in your club that involves more than your own registered club members must be sanctioned by Gym Sask.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Kristi Mandzuk – kmandzuk@gymsask.com