It was a busy weekend for the TG Sask First Teams with both teams traveling.

The Provincial Team attended the Pegasus Invitational in Calgary Alberta and had a great meet.

Top 3 results:

Sienna Provost – 3rd L3 Trampoline

Emily Sewell – 1st L3 Tumbling

Katie Berg – 1st L4 Tumbling

Megan Tosh – 1st L3 Double Mini

Meanwhile the National Team was at the Aaron Johnson Memorial Cup in Burnaby, BC. Top 3 results are as follows:

Hannah Metheral – 1st L6 18+ Double Mini, 2nd L6 18+ Trampoline

Erin Callum – 3rd L6 18+ Double Mini

Meghan Wiebe – 3rd L5 Tumbling

Mackenzie Nestman – 1st L6 Tumbling

Nyla Thackeray – 1st L6 17U Trampoline

Ashley Anaka – 1st L6 18+ Trampoline

Jami Reschke – 1st L4 14U Double mini

Lina Reschke – 1st L4 15+ Double Mini

Connor Wehage – 1st L4 Double Mini

Kate Pepper – 1st L4 Tumbling, 3rd L6 17U Double Mini

Nicole Doidge – 2nd L5 17+ Double Mini

Congratulations to all of our TG athletes!