Congratulations to our TG Team Sask athletes who recently attend Canadian Championships!

Results below:

Jami Reschke 3rd on both L6 15-16 DMT and TRA

Wilson Reimche 1st on L6 14U TRA and 3rd on JR 14U DMT

Ashley Anaka 2nd SR DMT

Hannah Metheral 5th SR DMT

Addis Deobald 5th on both L5 15-16 DMT and TUM

Rebecca Graham 5th on L5 15-16 DMT

Emily Sewell 5th L5 17+ DMT

Lina Reschke 6th L5 17+ DMT and 5th on L5 17+ TUM

Halle Pipko 3rd on L7 17+ DMT

Megan Tosh 4th on L7 17+ DMT

Emily Pepper 5th on L7 17+ DMt

Cohen L’Abbe 1st on L5 15-16 DMT and 4th on L5 15-16 TUM

Connor Wehage 5th on L6 15-16 DMT

Synchro Tramp – Megan Tosh/Rebecca Graham 5th in L6 Women

  • Eb Campbell/Nix Pepper 8th in L5 mixed