FROM:                               KLARA MILLER, CEO

DATE:                                JUNE 29, 2020

RE:                                     COVID-19 EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM FUNDING

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Gym Sask, I am pleased to inform you that additional funding has been made available from our budget to assist our clubs with the Re-Opening and Re-Building stages of gymnastics programming during the current and continuing Covid-19 restrictions.

Please take the time to review the attached Gym Sask Emergency Assistance Program (EAP) funding document. The first application process is for the Re-Opening category only – fillable application form is attached. Further information on the Re-Building EAP categories will be distributed in August once we have details on finances possibly available via Sask Sport Heritage funds and Gym Sask budget revisions.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or require assistance in completing an application for funding. Application forms may be sent to either kmiller@gymsask.com or kmandzuk@gymsask.com.

Gym Sask Emergency Assitance Program June 2020 EAP Final

EAP Application – June 29 Fillable