Saskatchewan, Oct 14th, 2023 – Gymnastics Saskatchewan proudly announces the selection of three of our TG
athletes onto Team Canada for the upcoming FIG World Championships and the Trampoline World Age Groups:
Hannah Metheral, Ashley Anaka, and Wilson Reimche.

Hannah Metheral and Ashley Anaka will be participating in the FIG World Championships in Birmingham, from
November 9th to 12th, while Wilson Reimche will be attending the 2023 Trampoline World Age Groups, also in
Birmingham, from November 16th to 19th.

Cheryl Russell, TG Technical Director at Gymnastics Saskatchewan who has worked closely with these athletes,
expressed her immense pride, saying, “Hannah, Ashley, and Wilson have shown extraordinary commitment and
resilience in their training. Their selection to represent Canada is a testament to their dedication to the sport.
We are excited to watch them shine on the world stage.”

Wilson Reimche, one of the selected athletes, had this to say about his teammate, Ashley, “Actually, someone I
train with has been my biggest inspiration and role model, and that is Ashley Anaka. She is a very talented
athlete, and I get to watch her every time I train. She is always cheering me on and believing in me.”

Regarding his plans for success, Wilson added, “I am going to do as much training as I can, and I might actually
take my mom’s advice and get sleep, eat more protein, and try to do all that ‘stuff’ better.”

Hannah Metheral, an already accomplished international competitor from Saskatchewan, offered advice for
aspiring gymnasts, “Hard work is my biggest advice. If youngsters want it enough to have the drive to work hard,
they are already 10 steps ahead of their competitors who do not have that discipline. I have always thought that
hard work beats talent unless talent works hard. This has gotten me through countless mental blocks and
injuries throughout my career. And, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself throughout the process!”

Hannah also shared her feelings about wearing the Canadian uniform, saying, “I have been wearing the maple
leaf for a few years now, and the feeling of pride every time I put on that leotard is exciting. I feel honored to
be able to wear the uniform because it solidifies to me that all of my hard work has paid off.”

Gymnastics Saskatchewan wishes Hannah, Ashley, and Wilson the best of luck in their upcoming international
events. Your dedication and hard work have already made us proud, and we are confident you will represent
Saskatchewan with excellence!

For more information, please contact:
Dalena Juarez, Operations Manager – or 306-780-9229