The Coaches Association of Canada (CAC) has developed the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) as a coach training and certification program for all coaches. The new NCCP is moving towards a competency-based approach where coaches are trained and evaluated in several core competencies. Completion of an NCCP course provides coaches with an NCCP number (NCCP#).

Coaches can check their certification and print their coaching transcript by going to the Locker website. To get tips on coaching, and access coach resources visit the Coaches Association of Canada site.

The purposes of the NCCP are:

  • To promote and develop excellence in coaching in Canada.
  • To provide coaches at all levels with a systematic way to improve their knowledge and skill in the theoretical, technical and practical aspects of coaching.

The NCCP for Gymnastics will Certify Coaches on 6 Levels:

  • Gymnastics Foundations (Fun, Fitness, Fundamentals)
  • Competition 1 (Competition Introduction)
  • Competition 2 (Competition Introduction Advanced)
  • Competition 3 (Competition Development)
  • Competition 4 (Competition Development Advanced)
  • Competition 5 (High Performance Coach)

Gymnastics Canada Coaching Pathway

Transfer of Qualifcations from Levels NCCP to Current NCCP

Understanding the New NCCP Coaching Streams

Gymnastics Foundations INTRODUCTION (8 hours)

This one day NCCP course is taught in the gym and is an active course. It is relevant to all gymnastics disciplines (Active Start, Artistic, Trampoline & Rhythmic). The course will cover the Fundamentals of gymnastics while developing Fitness abilities and having Fun.

Gymnastics Foundations THEORY (4 hours)

This 4 hour NCCP course will take place in a classroom setting and is applicable to all gymnastics disciplines.  It will cover the modules Planning a Practice and Making Ethical Decisions.  Upon completion of the theory course, all coaches should complete the online MED exam.

Gymnastics Foundations DISCIPLINE SPECIFIC (8 hours)

We are currently running 4 discipline specific NCCP courses. Each of these one day courses will provide information specific to each discipline and will take place in a gym setting.


Active Start (AS)

  • This course is designed for coaches working with preschool age children. Coaches are introduced to the AS approach, the AS child, the AS lesson and the AS program.
  • Coaches will be equipped to coach participants under 6 years old.


  • Coaches will learn Fundamental Movement Patterns (landings, stationary positions, locomotion, rotation, spring and swing) and basic skills specific to artistic gymnastics.
  • Coaches will be equipped to coach Recreational Artistic participants 6 years old and older.


  • Coaches will learn progressions and safety tips for teaching basic jumps, body landing skills, adding twist before or after a skill and combination skills specific to trampoline gymnastics. This course does not include any inverted skills.
  • Coaches will be prepared to coach Trampoline participants 6 years old and older.


  • Coaches will learn about body posture, locomotion, apparatus manipulation for rope, hoop, ball, ribbon and scarves and basic skills specific to rhythmic gymnastics.
  • Coaches will be prepared to coach Recreational Rhythmic participants 6 years old and older.

Gymnastics Foundations Resources:

Gymnastics Foundations Streamlined Pathway
Becoming a GF Coach

Gymnastics Foundations Certification:

Gymnastics Foundations Coach Evaluation Guide – Oct 2020
GF Certification Process Jan 2021


Competition 1 (all disciplines)

  • Coaches who are Gymnastics Foundations trained in their respective discipline and are aspiring to become inter-club coaches or wish to teach advanced recreational skills should attend the NCCP Competition 1 coaching course in accordance to their discipline.
  • The Competition 1 course will include many of the skills taught in the previous Level 2 Technical courses.
  • It is a 4 day course that will also integrate the Competition-Introduction Part B Theory modules (Teaching & Learning, Designing a Basic Sport Program, Basic Mental Skills and Nutrition (from C-I Part A which is not included in our GF Theory)).
  • All coaches will be required to complete the online Making Ethical Decisions (Competition-Introduction) exam before they can apply for certification.
  • Once coaches complete the Competition 1 course and MED exam they will be required to complete an evaluation process for certification.

Competition 1 Certification:

Competition 1 Coach Certification Pathway

Competition 1 Coach Evaluation Guidelines for Success

Competition 1 WAG & MAG Coach Evaluation Templates

Competition 1 Trampoline Coach Evaluation Templates

Competition 1 Rhythmic Coach Evaluation Templates

Competition 2 (Women’s Artistic & Men’s Artistic)

  • Coaches who are Competition 1 or Level 2 Certified may attend this 3-day course.  It will include some of the more difficult skills from the previous Level 2 WAG/MAG Technical course as well as many of the skills from the previous Level 3 WAG/MAG Technical course.
  • This course will include an expansion of the Designing a Basic Sport Program covered
    in the Competition 1 course.
  • Coaches will be required to complete an evaluation process to become certified in Competition 2.

Competition 2 Coach Evaluation Guidelines for Success

Competition 2 Coach Evaluation Templates

Competition 3 (Women’s Artistic & Men’s Artistic)

  • This course is currently being developed.  The first pilot course was run Sept 2017.  The Competition 3 course will include the remaining skills from the previous Level 3 WAG/MAG Technical courses and will incldue new skills that have been invented since that course was created.
  • Coaches will be required to complete the Competition-Development multi-sport Theory modules through Coaches Assocation of Saskatchewan:  Managing Conflict, Psychology of Performance, Prevention & Recovery of Injury, Coaching & Leading Effectively, Manage a Sport Program, and Developing Athletic Abilites.
  • The Competition 3 evaluation will include a portfolio and observation in a competition.

Level 3 (Trampoline & Rhythmic)

  • Level 3 Technical courses for Trampoline are offered throughout Canada.  The Level 3 Rhythmic Technical course is offered by Gymnastics Canada only.   Please contact the Gym Sask office if you would like to attend a Level 3 course in a specific discipline.
  • Visit SaskCoach for a list of upcoming theory courses in the province. Theory courses for Competition-Development are hosted by your local sport Districts.  There are 9 modules: Coaching & Leading Effectively; Leading Drug Free Sport; Prevention & Recovery; Managing Conflict; Psychology of Performance; Developing Athletic Abilities, Manage a Sport Program, Performance Planning and Advanced Practice Planning.  Right now, Gymnastics coaches are required to take 4 of the 9 modules for Level 3, but this will increase when the new course development is complete.
  • The Practical component for Level 3 RG includes collecting 120 practical coaching hours submitted using the Level 3 RG Practical form and completing an assignment designated at the Level 3 RG Technical course.   

RG Level 3 Practical form

  • The Practical component for Level 3 TG includes collecting 300 practical coaching hours submitted and aquiring 25 points outlined on the Level 3 TG Practical form.

TG Level 3 Practical form

Competition 4 (All Disciplines)

  • This course always includes the most current content for all disciplines.  It includes four, week-long intensive sessions over two years and preparation of extensive assignments.  Coaches are accepted into the program by application to Gymnastics Canda at the start of a new cycle.  Coaches who are accepted will combine the principles and technical elements for more sophisticated gymnastics.  To become certified in Competition 4, coaches must train an athlete who makes it onto a Canadian National Team.