Gymnastics Saskatchewan is introducing a modified Inter-Club program for the 2021-2022 season. This program will be called the Saskatchewan Inter-Club Program and will use a combination of the USAG Development Program Compulsory Exercises (formally known as the JO Program) and Xcel levels. The following levels will be included in the Saskatchewan Inter-Club Program: Developmental Levels 1-4 (formally known as JO 1-4) and Xcel Bronze and Silver. In Saskatchewan, these levels will be called “Inter-Club Level 1, Inter-Club Level 2, Inter-Club Xcel Bronze, etc. We will follow the USAG Developmental Program Compulsory rules but use a different name.  Gym Sask has adjusted the minimum age for athletes to enter these Inter-Club levels, for the 2021-2022 season athletes must be born in 2015 and older, there is no age maximum on Inter-Club levels although this program is designed for developmental and younger athletes. 

 Athletes in the Saskatchewan Inter-Club program will be able to attend in province invitationals only. Athletes in Inter-Club Level 1-4 will NOT be ranked against each other, will NOT have scores flashed and will be given ribbons based on a range of scores. They will be called up in random order during the awards ceremony.

Athletes in the Inter-Club Xcel Bronze and Inter-Club Xcel Silver will be able to be ranked against each other, will have scores flashed, and will be eligible to receive medals as per the Xcel code of points. Athletes in the Saskatchewan Inter-Club Program will NOT be eligible to attend provincials.

Clubs who wish to only participate in the Saskatchewan Inter-Club Program must be registered with an Inter-Club Membership in Amilia


Saskatchewan Inter-Club Levels Program

WAG Program Document Flow Chart

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